Dining Out

a social club for gay men

Would you like a change from the pub and club scene? If so, read on ....

Dining Out is a social club for gay men, which was formed in April 2002. The club meets for dinners in Dublin city centre restaurants, with 15 to 30 people attending each meal. We also organise weekends away.

Dinners are usually held on the 2nd Friday and on the last Saturday of the month. The meal price varies from restaurant to restaurant, but we try to get set menus where possible and we try to keep the total bill between 25 and 60 per person.

It is hoped that the club will provide good opportunities for making new friends. Men of all ages are welcome.

To join the club or to find out more details, please:

- phone/text us at 087 286 33 49


- send an e-mail to info@DiningOutIreland.org


- visit us on www.MeetUp.com/Gay-Dining-Out-Ireland

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